Goal Setting

At Can-Am International we like to create an active and focused goal each month. If a player writes down a goal, they are more likely to follow the action plan developed to achieve that goal. Accomplishing goals and reaching milestones builds self-confidence.


We ensure the golfer’s goals are achievable and measurable. Goals are reviewed and new actions plans are set in motion. Can-Am International is also regularly reviewing academic goals for each individual student. Every student will keep a notebook to ensure planning takes place.


Some reasons for goals:

  • Athletes develop an appreciation for goal setting as they benefit from achieving their goals; this often transfers to other areas in life. 
  • Athletes show increased empathy for the needs and rights of others on the team
  • Communication improves, as goal setting provides a forum to express needs and desires related to sport performance
  • Athletes are happier and have more fun, because having fun in a sport is usually directly linked with feeling successful and meeting challenges
  • Athletes perform better because they have achievable, challenging targets to aim for, together and individually. 

junior golf goal setting