Yoga Master Shishir

Master Shishir was awarded Grandmaster of Arnis in 2005. He has over forty years of mind, body and spirit training and he has studied and trained with top teachers in the world for Arnis Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Yoga, Golf and Meditation. He has been featured in several films, on TV and in magazines, as well as Wikipedia. Master won and became “Michelangelo” martial artist in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 and TV Series in the years 1992 – 1998. He was awarded the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and International Grandmaster of the Year in 2005 by the WHFSC and the International Modern Arnis Federation.


Master Shishir is also a Certified Yoga Acharya and is the founder and creator of H-Yoga and Aryo Golf. He is the author of numerous books and videos and has an online store and teaches virtual mind-body-heart training system instruction online. Master Shishir is associated with many academies around the world, including BC and Ontario Canada, Brazil, Germany, Nevada and Virginia USA, Malaysia, China and the Philippines.


Master Shishir is spearheading self- sufficient Eco-Tourism community in the Philippines. He is leading Arnis as an Olympic Sport around the world. He has been working directly with elite golf professionals and amateurs since 2003.