Junior Golf Programs

Full Academy – Online – Local Home-Schooling options

We accept students aged 12-22. Practice groups will be determined by maturation level, skill ability level and age. Online students will train in the mornings and study in the afternoon, and full academy students will study until 1:30pm and train in their sport in the afternoons.


Individual Training System

There is no aspect of our individual’s training that has been overlooked. Nutrition, fitness, agility, strength, power, concentration, focus and mental toughness are all addressed. Students work more on their area of weakness; we tailor the program to meet the student where he/she is and work to achieve the desired goal.


Standardized Golf Test and Practice Sheets

These goals are attainable through the application of our copyrighted (in Canada and the USA) and proprietary golf skills acquisition program delivered by knowledgeable and caring coaches who are constantly monitoring and encouraging all students. Standardized Golf Tests are given quarterly with Quantitative Practice Skills (copyrighted) that are examined regularly.


Small Class Size

Our class size is 6:1 in all aspects of the program, including all sports coaches, educational tutors and fitness instructors. There is the opportunity to acquire private classes in your sport, SAT or ACT prep, tutor sessions and fitness.


Individualized Goal Setting and Tournament Schedule

A key element of the program is fostering the ability to compete at the highest level. Students will develop their individual tournament schedule based on ability, skill level, mental readiness and budget. Students will be challenged. Goals will be determined, written and reviewed regularly, always with input from the student. Adjustments will be made as warranted.


Technology and Special Guest Speakers

Can-Am International will include Trackman and a top-of-the-line simulator. Custom putting boards (patented) and many training aides are incorporated into the program. There is an indoor facility located in the clubhouse at Reflection Bay.

University ID Camps

Twice a year Can-Am International will host a University ID Camp. In the past, coaches from prestigious universities have attended, such as Yale, Columbia, Brown, U Richmond, Whitman College, NYU, Indiana, etc. Can-Am International will continue to expand these camps to include all NCAA Divisions and NAIA institutions, along with universities from Canada.
Can-Am International will continue to build relationships and establish rapport with college coaches.


Elite Recruiting Services

Each individual student will receive one-on-one recruiting services. Our mission is to have each student athlete enter a post-secondary school, ideally their first choice. As the student matures, discussions around their goals will begin. Can-Am International will work with the student athlete providing resumes, videos and still photos, references, and coaching regarding the interview process. Packages will be formulated and sent out to prospective universities.


University Campus Tours

One of the best ways to get a feel for a university is to go on a campus tour, learn about your program of interest or attend an on-campus guided tour. In the past, Coach TJ has personally taken and guided students to these schools: Brown, U Penn, Columbia, NYU, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, U Richmond, Embry-Riddle, to name a few.


Private Lessons

Each student athlete has the option to purchase additional time with a coach, fitness trainer, yoga instructor, masseuse, SAT or ACT prep tutor, or academic tutor. Please see pricing on the Tuition Page.


Finding Balance

Securing a golf scholarship or university placement, like admission itself, is becoming increasingly difficult. Can- Am International can pave the way. Our coaches have over 50 years’ experience, each in dealing with academic golfers. We are competitive golfers. We have experienced the stress of balancing academics and athletics. We understand your people and have developed valuable relationships with many golf coaches at many Division 1, 2, and 3 universities in the USA and across Canada.