Privacy Notice for Can-Am International Sports Academy

1. Introduction

 This Privacy Notice for Can-Am International University ID Camps (“Notice”) informs parents, guardians, and participating student athletes who have reached 18 years of age (referred to as “consenting participants”) and adults participating between the ages of 19-22, about privacy practices across certain youth-oriented programs and events that are controlled and operated by Can-Am International Sports Academy. 


For the purposes of this Notice, personal data is any information that identifies or can identify an individual (either on its own or when combined with other information) such as name, date of birth, level of education, the school a participant attends, or parent or guardian contact information. Personal data can exist in any format, including hard copy or paper format, electronic or digital format, photographs, video recordings, audio recordings, etc.


2. Collecting and Using Personal Data

Depending on the nature of a Can-Am International Sports Camp, some or all of the personal data described in the table below may be collected and used for the purpose of providing, operating, improving, and promoting a sports camp and in certain circumstances, a Can-Am International activity or function (the “Purpose”). 


If a Can-Am International Program engages in any activities in Column 3 of the table below, it will first ask for permission from a parent, guardian, or consenting participant through a separate consent form that describes the proposed data processing in more detail.