Student-Athlete International Tuition 2020-2021

Academy Year

The student-athlete academy year runs from August to May and includes the International tuition at LMCA, the athletic training and fitness programs, and the tutoring program. The boarding package includes private school tuition and the daily lunch program, the sport tuition as well as homestay boarding with meals and guardianship.


What Is Included in Tuition?

Application fee, Private School, All Sports Training, University Placement, Fitness training, Lake Las Vegas Sports Yearly Membership, Lunch Program at LMCA (if attending school), University ID Camps Registration, CAI Golf Bag and accessories, $100 a monthly stipend for food at Reflection Bay GC, Tutoring, Homestay fee (If boarding), Pick up and drop off at McCarren Airport.


What Is Not Included In Tuition?

International I-20 Visa Application – in your home country, MAC Laptop (mandatory), School uniform (Budget $400), 1-week Mission Spring Break Trip (LMCA), US Health Insurance Medical Fees, Extra school supplies.

Private Lessons with the Director of Golf or Tennis

1-Hour Lesson – $200, Ten 1-Hour Lessons – $1750


Refundable Fees

Medical Deposit * ($400), Tournament Deposit* ($3000), Competition Fee ** Grades 7-12 ($1000), Competition Fees Post -Grad ** ($2000), Student Activities – Weekend Trips* ($1500) *Refundable deposits ** Non-refundable deposits.


Need Based Services

Students enrolling at LMCA with less than an acceptable TOEFL score will be placed in supplemental English language classes until their English proficiency reaches an acceptable level. Typically, students take two classes per week (program approximately cost is $2800/yr.)


University Tours

University Schools Tours are available individually or in a small group for a fee. Please connect with the Director of Golf to plan.


Maximum Students

6:1 Player: Coach

Explanation of Deposits and Fees

All students are required to have health insurance coverage from a US health Insurance Company.


Used to cover un-reimbursed medical expenses or when payment is required at time of visit.


Used to cover the payment of tournament and travel expenses. At CAI, students are expected to play in competitions. This account is used for tournament fees and travel expenses etc.


Weekend trips – CAI has many opportunities to engage in weekend trips.

Post Grad Yearly Training


This program is for the student who has graduated from high school who would like train for a semester to 9 months. The student will stay in homestay and train Monday to Friday for 4 – 6 hours a day.

  • Included

    • Homestay August to May
    • Membership at Lake Las Vegas Sports Club
    • Membership at Reflection Bay GC
    • Sports Training – specific skill acquiring, specific stat analysis, on course management, quantitative practice analysis,
    • Lunches and snacks – Monday to Friday

  • Included

    • $100 per month food and beverage allowance
    • 2 hours private golf classes per month
    • Small group fitness training
    • Pick up and Drop off McCarren Airport
    • CAI will help with the Post-Grad’s US Visa application (This fee varies and will be the student’s responsibility.)