Student Life

At CAI our whole approach is founded on proven scientific data that we employ in a balanced, focused individual progression. We strive to blend the physical and mental components, being alternately serious and light-hearted when working on golf, fitness and academics. We know that variety is the spice of life, so we offer diverse activities to reach the main goal – an improved golf game. We work on the physical game in the gym to ensure the player maximizes their strength and stamina. 


Our basic daily program includes nutritious meals (and lessons on what nutrients are essential), training in the gym, time for schoolwork and of course practicing golf skills. The academic program is tailored to the individual and curricula can be accelerated as needed. Every evening youngsters are encouraged to reflect on the day through journaling. We like to host team dinners to build a lasting bond with our players and enjoy traveling to competitions as a group. 


Although golf is an individual sport, we insist on many and varied interactions with other students and coaches. We firmly believe learning comes from many sources, and we should always be open to others. This helps develop a world view and helps students become well-rounded. Socializing is important and encouraged. Through the homestay students are exposed to cultures that may be different from their own; music, food and beliefs will hopefully be topics for reflection and personal growth.