Technology plays a major role in the training methods we at Can-Am employ. We have partnered with Trackman to develop an indoor Golf Simulator bay, using the latest technology they have to offer.


Trackman, the premier golf simulator system, utilizes doppler radar technology to create a virtual image of the user as they go through their shot. This technology has been praised by all sorts/types/levels of golfers, whether they are amateurs or pros. The PGA and LPGA tours have used Trackman as their primary technology base due to its long held reliability and success in their/the market.


At our Reflection Bay facility, students can continue training while off the course. By utilizing the data provided from the system, we are able to fine tune each swing to match the individual golfer’s style. This helps us to build the best golfer in a proactive manner, constantly working to improve all facets of the swing and ultimately, the mindset of each individual.